Greetings dear friends,

I did not have neither machine nor possibility to invest when I founded Göçmenler. I was only working on maintenance as I did not have possibility to buy raw material for production when I was 15 years old. But I had the most important things: my hand labour and determination. I could stand this rough process with my determination as the number of my customers increased day by day thanks to the works I completed with my hand labour.

Today, I own a firm which has 18.800 squaremeters of indoor production area. However, Göçmenler has not splitted from its values that it had in the first days of the business. Hand labour is replaced by the machines  substantially as the time passed but Göçmenler knew how to combine the technology with its experience and conveying this knowledge to its employees.

Today, I see the determination I had in my first days among my employees. They are intended to serve the customers in best possible way by producing the most qualified products with best prices. I am coming from the times in which verbal communication was considered as contract so the trust among customers towards us and deserving this trust are still the most important things for me in business.

Our intention is to become a firm which will be remembered with its quality and trust in Turkey and around the world throughout generations.