The hatches of vantilator and emergency exits, which were firstly produced in Germany, were produced by our firm in Turkey for the first time. Vantilator and emergency exit hatches of busses are produced and getting ready for mounting after proccesses of cutting, bending, welding, coating and mounting. Our firm decreasing the mistake rate to 0% that can emerge during bending and welding by using CNC machines and experienced employees, therefore all produced hatches for vantilation and emergency are easily mounted and there is not any fitting problem for any of the products.


  • Special sizes that are produced for customer wish.
  • Waterproof design
  • Long-lasting stainless products
  • Plastic hanger of good quality and its equipments
  • 2 years of turning on/off guarentee


  • Automotive; Bus, minibus, caravans and trucks