Göçmenler Oto Çerçeve has been improving its service quality and comprehension since it started its commercial life in 1972 in a workshop of 15 metersquares. Our firm, with the goal of shaping metal in every sector, moved to its second workshop in Güngören on year 1980 and hired 3 people for the first time. We have moved to our first integrated production plant of the sector and then, to our current complex which has indoors area of 18.800 metersquares and total area of 30.000 metersquares in Lüleburgaz, KIRKLARELİ. Our firm has kept improving throughout all these processes and adapted new production methods with new technologies, experience and it is admired by so many domestic and international firms thanks to creative ideas and machines that are designed specifically.

Our firm, which is not only a supplier but also a solution partner for the customers, has been supporting various projects of the customers in fields of design and development and also working towards leading the projects to perfection.

Göçmenler, has the approach of improving itself constantly while creating solutions, developing products and correcting the mistakes to serve customers better as it is right now.